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Grade 6

What’s Happening in Term 2 2023

In writing this term, students will unpack and identify features of a persuasive mentor text. They will be following a three-phase model for writing: immersion, innovation and invention. During the immersion phase, students will learn the correct structure of a persuasive text, understand how word choice impacts mood and apply a range of devices to uplevel the sophistication of their writing. In the innovation phase, students will apply all key concepts to creating their own persuasive text based off the mentor texts and on a similar topic. During the innovation phase, students will write and publish a copy of a persuasive text, which will include all key features and make links to our inquiry topic.

In mathematics, students will be learning about a range of strategies for multiplication and division. Students will work through concepts such as the final algorithm, regions of arrays and factors. We have ensured that learning follows a clear sequence where students will feel challenged and successful throughout the unit. Statistics and probability will also feature in this term’s maths program. Students will consolidate their understanding of how good questions lead to clearer data outcomes. They will learn how to create and design graphs and write comparative statements according to their data sets.

In reading this term, students will read the class novel, Malala. There will be opportunities for students to participate in literature circles, targeted comprehension tasks and reading for enjoyment throughout this unit. Students will learn about and consolidate their understanding of inferencing and evaluating texts. There will also be plenty of opportunities for students to unpack unfamiliar and complex vocabulary through class discussion and Literature Circle roles.

In SEL, students will be introduced to the Resilience Project’s program. They will cover topics such as empathy, gratitude, varying emotions, mindfulness and kindness throughout a weekly classroom session. This evidence based and engaging program will provide practical well-being strategies to build resilience throughout the cohort.

In inquiry, students will learn about the values of Australian democracy and the key features of the electoral process. They will learn about the responsibilities of the three levels of government, the Stolen Generations and the fight for equal rights in Australia. Students will understand the values of their local community, the rules that are designed to protect our rights, and the responsibilities they have to others.

Grade 6 teachers:

Room 11 – 6 M Melanie Palacios Bedwell

Room 12 – 6 P Monica Portillo-Carroll

Room 13 – 6 B Marcus Butera – Team Leader



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