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Grade 6

What’s Happening in Term 4 2023

We have our final term for the year and for our Grade Six students, our final term at PVPS. We have a very busy term coming up with some important dates to consider below.

Melbourne Cup Public Holiday – Week 6, Tuesday, 7th November

School Curriculum Day – Week 10, Thursday, 10th December

Secondary School Transition Visits – Week 11, Tuesday, 12th December

Graduation Evening – Week 11, Thursday, 14th December

Fun Fields Excursion – Week 11, Friday 15th December

Last Day of Term – Week 12, Wednesday, 20th December


In reading this semester, students will be introduced to an author study. This is an in-depth exploration and analysis of a particular author’s body of work. It involves examining the author’s life, literary style, recurring themes, and the historical and cultural context in which they wrote. Shaun Tan will be the first author we study.


In writing this term, students will firstly revisit narratives, a genre that has been explored earlier in the year. We will focus on generating ideas and interesting storylines as well as writing short stories to time. We will then explore explanatory reports. This written genre aims to provide a clear and detailed account of a specific subject, event, process, or concept. The primary purpose of an explanation report is to inform the reader or audience about something they may not fully understand and to clarify complex or unfamiliar topics.


In maths, students will learn about fractions, decimals, percentages and ratios. This will have a significant importance in various aspects of everyday life. This unit will take up a longer portion of the term before we then move into chance and probability that aims round off the year our mathematics before we finalise assessments.


In inquiry this semester, students will be undertaking a unit of Science: Electricity and Electrical Circuits. Through researching sources of electrical energy and exploring electrical circuits, we develop a deeper understanding of where electricity comes from, and how it is transferred and transformed to power the things we use everyday.


In SEL this semester, students will continue learning about gratitude, empathy and mindfulness (GEM). We will cover a broad range of topics such as anti-bullying, managing emotions and noticing negative thoughts. Students will learn strategies to help them in times of difficulty as well as focusing on how to remain grounded through GEM.

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