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Management of confirmed cases and household contacts at school

Parents/carers should inform the school and complete the RA Test portal if a student tests positive to COVID-19 (via a PCR or rapid antigen test).

Students who report a positive result must isolate for seven days and not attend school during that period.

Household contacts

  • You are a household contact if you have spent more than four hours with someone who has COVID-19 inside a house, accommodation or care facility
  • You don’t have to quarantine at all during this 7-day period, and you can leave home each day provided you:
    • Continually test negative using a rapid antigen test, on at least 5 days out of the 7 day period (ensure tests are spaced at least 24 hours apart).
    • wear a mask indoors whilst outside your home (8 years and above)
    • do not visit hospitals or care facilities
    • notify the school




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