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Term 4 2022

Ciao a tutti and welcome back to school for Term 4. We’re really looking forward to teaching all of our students even more about the beautiful Italian language and culture this term.

This term, our Foundation students will be exploring a picture book titled ‘Mangia, Mangia!’ – ‘Eat, Eat!’. They will build upon their Italian language skills through shared reading experiences. Their vocabulary focus will involve typical foods eaten at an Italian dinner.

The Grade 1 and 2 students will be investigating a picture book titled ’Giacco e il Fagiolo’ (Jack and the Bean). Students will use their language skills to read Italian sentences and make predictions about Giacco’s adventures. Their vocabulary focus will be family members, animals and colours.

Our Grade 3 and 4 students will explore a twist on a traditional Italian narrative titled ‘Pinocchio Down Under’. Their learning focus will be to read for meaning whilst using Italian pronunciation and appropriate expression.

Our Grade 5 and 6 students will consolidate their knowledge of classroom vocabulary that they learnt in term 3 by reading a fumetto (comic) titled ‘Avanti’. Set in a high school, their learning focus will be Italian reading comprehension. They will also be writing short texts using Italian language structures.

A presto! – Signorina Trapani e Signora Croce


TERM 4 2022

The mission of Performing Arts at Pascoe Vale Primary School is to ensure that all students are dedicated, committed and passionate about all facets of performing arts. Our students participate in every experience offered to them, with drive and determination, encouraging them to reach their full potential. Thus, students can achieve outstanding results, preparing them for their academic future whilst allowing them to pursue performing arts in whatever form they are most interested in.

During Performing Art sessions, students experience a variety of performing art elements including, dance, drama and music (including instrumental music) to produce work that expresses themselves and their world. Students are encouraged to take risks in each session and try new things as well as to use their imaginations to create innovative pieces and performances. The students are encouraged to perform as often as possible, whether in front of the class or a larger audience; this builds confidence and a feeling of achievement and success.



In term four the Foundation students will continue to share experiences in listening, singing, moving and playing non-tuned instruments. Students will develop skills and an understanding of the musical elements: beat, pitch and dynamics. They will learn to improvise simple movements, recognise high and low, soft and loud sounds.

The year 1 students will become aware of the music elements; pitch and melody. They will begin to explore a tuned instrument, the glockenspiel and perform many pieces. Our goal is to play and perform the song ‘Stepping Up, Stepping Down’.

Our year 2 students will experience playing the glockenspiel. They will begin to understand and read basic treble clef notation. Our goal is to perform a simple nursery rhyme on the glockenspiel as an ensemble and solo.

The year 3 and 4 students will continue recorder lessons. They will revise the notes G, A and B. They will also learn to play the new note E. They will be challenged by playing pieces using three notes on the recorder. They will also learn to read the treble clef notes and understand the rhythm of each piece.

The 5/6 students are eager to begin ukulele lessons. The students will write their own composition, using the chords C, F & G7. They will be challenged by adding other chords to their piece. They will record and perform their song to the whole class.

Let’s be creative together!

Signora Davide


Physical Education is an integral part of the Pascoe Vale Primary School curriculum. It enables students to develop their skills in a range of sports and activities. Students can analyse movement, develop game play and understand how their body moves to achieve success in whatever they are doing. They will make predictions, set goals and reflect on their actions through the year.

At PVPS, the Physical Education teachers for this year will be Mr. Nathan Higgs and Mr. Zac Polizzi. They aim to provide a safe and positive learning environment for all students to learn new activities as well as develop on already learnt skills. Hopefully this create a life-long love of being physical activity and participating in team and individual sports.

One of the goals with the students is for them to SUPPORT each other throughout the year and take the good with the bad – learning how to be good sports and build resilience.

Throughout Term 4 students are expected to have a wide-brimmed hat, drink bottle full of water and wear suitable shoes (runners) to all Physical Education sessions.


The Foundation students will be shown the various spaces (indoor and outdoor) around the school where they will participate in Physical Education lessons. They will extend and revise skills that have been learnt in the first semester.

Students will also participate activities that involve one handed striking (bat-tennis), throwing and catching (European Handball) as well as other eye-hand/foot activities such as skipping and throwing the frisbee.

GRADES 1 & 2

Students will also participate in activities that involve one handed striking (bat-tennis), throwing and catching (European Handball) as well as other eye-hand/foot activities such as skipping and throwing the frisbee. Some of these activities will be in a game situation to develop teamwork and game play.

GRADES 3 & 4

The students in Grades 3 and 4 will participate in minor games, golf, ultimate frisbee, European Handball and sofcrosse.

They will have the chance to develop their skills and put them into a game situation.

GRADES 5 & 6

The students in Grades 5 and 6 will participate in minor games, golf, ultimate frisbee, European Handball and sofcrosse.

They will have the chance to develop their skills and put them into a game situation.

Teamwork is an important part of Physical Education throughout all of the 5/6 lessons.


Mr. Nathan Higgs and Mr. Zac Polizzi


TERM 4 2022

It’s term 4 and before we know it another year comes to an end. However, there is much for our young artists to do in our art room. We will all be busy working to complete our final masterpieces. I love having parents as part of their students’ activities and learning, so if there are any parents who wish to join our art classes, please feel free to come on in on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursdays – I am always grateful for any assistance. Please be sure to have a Working With Children Check and complete all  Don’t forget to keep an eye out for all your wonderful children’s work on Dojo, newsletters and assemblies.


Foundation/Grade 1

The Preps will begin with investigating colour, recognising primary and understanding how to make secondary. They will identify warm and cool colours and experiment with colour mixing. The students will look at the importance of line through a study of the artists Jackson Pollock. These students will delve into creating paper blossoms adapted from Vincent Van Gogh’s Almond Blossoms.

Grade Two

The grade 2 students will be introduced to the artist Pablo Picasso and his unique style of cubism. The students will familiarise themselves with drawing portraits that emulate Picasso’s style and incorporate asymmetrical shape, colour and pattern.

Grade Three

The grade 3 students will continue to draw teacups and investigate pattern, warm and cool colours. We will then delve into creating a 3D teacup taken from their design.

 Grade Four

Students will continue working on their teacups working on their pattern and design and using water colours to paint their drawings with a focus on form. The students will be working on their 3D teacup creations.

Grade Five and Six

This last term will see the grade 5/6 students investigate abstract works and to interpret their meaning. The students will produce their own individual abstract piece with a focus on monochromatic colours, complementary colours and understand how to mix colours to get tertiary colours. We will practice painting techniques and how to correctly use brush strokes apply effectively apply paint on their work.

Enjoy term 4!  Maria Lyon

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