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Benvenuti – Welcome to term 4. In Italian our grade 6 students will investigate ‘The Romans.’ The students will learn facts about Roman Numerals -I Numeri Romani, how long they were in use before our Hindu – Arabic Number system. We will then move a more creative path and learn about one of Italy’s most famous art forms, Mosaics. We will look at the history and some of the most famous mosaic art pieces before creating our own.


Grade 5 students will look at the seasons in the two different hemispheres: Italy and Australia. We will learn to describe the weather and role play reporting the weather forecast. We will continue working on gardens from around the world.



Grade 4 students will be exploring ‘A world of Pizza.’ They will be researching the history of pizza and it’s original origins. We will end the year with an Italian festa whereby the students will make a pizza for their end of year celebration festa .


Grade 3 students will be working on their ‘Passaporto to Languages’ where students consolidate their Italian learning through hobbies, mealtime and personal information. We will end the year with an Italian festa whereby the students will examine Italian sweets and choose to make one for their end of year celebration festa.



Grade 2 students will be introduced to the literature of ‘Mamma mia un Drago Verde’ –‘Oh my goodness, a green Dragon.’ Students will do related activities expanding their Italian vocabulary. They will be encouraged to read the text that they have written in Italian using correct pronunciation.



Grade 1 students will take a trip around Italy to discover the sights and famous icons found in beautiful Italy.  The students will be introduced to the book ‘La Macchinetta Rossa’ where they will be pinpointing geographical landmarks in Italy. We will be recycling the language used in the story to create our own phrases to describe the sights in Italy.


Foundation students will be introduced to il gatto (the Cat) Mico through the Italian story of ‘Mangia Mangia.’ The students will be introduced to a traditional Italian menu ritual. We will learn the names of foods, understand the word eat, ‘mangia’ and recognise how Nutella is internationally recognized by all including the cat, Mico!


Please feel free to contact us if you wish to assist and help in Italian classes.



Alla prossima – till next time

Signora Croce e Signora Maria Lyon

Italian Teachers

Term 4

In term 4, Foundation students will continue exploring warm and cool colours and the feelings they evoke. Students will be focusing on these colours as we study Wassily Kandinsky, 1913 artwork, Squares with Concentric Circles. Students will experiment with mixing colours and making these colours lighter and darker as they recreate their own version of Kandinsky’s Squares with Concentric Circles.

Grades 1 and 2 students will be learning about Van Gogh and his painting, Sunflowers. Students will experiment with drawing, painting, cutting and pasting and with air dry clay to practice different techniques to create their own sunflowers.

Grade 3/4 students will be looking at artist Pete Cromer and his contemporary art work inspired by wildlife. Students will study Pete Cromer’s signature bursts of colour and discuss and experiment with the materials and techniques used to make textures as students create their own wildlife collage.

Grade 5 students will spend this term focusing on dragons as they design and construct a dragon eye out of air dry clay. They will research inspiration for their dragon eye from illustrators such as Marc McBride, Cornelia Funke and Cressida Cowell.

Grade 6 will be finishing their last term of Visual Arts by making their graduation bag with lino printing. Students will study artists such as Pablo Picasso, Wassily Kandinsky and Henry Matisse along with others. They will focus on techniques used by the studied artist to create their own lino template that will be screened printed onto their own graduation bag.

Physical Education Term 4

Physical Education is an integral part of the Pascoe Vale Primary School curriculum. It enables students to develop their skills in a range of sports and activities. Students can analyse movement, develop game play and understand how their body moves to achieve success in whatever they are doing. They will make predictions, set goals and reflect on their actions through the year.

At PVPS, the Physical Education teacher is Mr. Nathan Higgs. The program aims to provide a safe and positive learning environment for all students to learn new activities as well as develop on already learnt skills. Hopefully this creates a life-long love of physical activity and participating in team and individual sports.

Our goal with the students is to SUPPORT each other throughout the year and take the good with the bad – learning how to be good sports.

Throughout Term 4 students are expected to have a drink bottle full of water, have a sunsmart hat and wear suitable shoes (runners) to all Physical Education sessions.


The Foundation students will extend and revise skills that have been learnt in the first semester. Students will continue to develop their throwing and catching with large and small balls, bouncing of a basketball as well as using their feet throughout a soccer unit.

GRADES 1 & 2

Throughout this term, students in Grades 1 and 2 will experience games and activities that improve their foot skills throughout a soccer unit. They will also utilise the new basketball courts to develop their bouncing and catching with a large ball. Students will participate in a range of games to develop their ability to take the good with the bad.

GRADES 3 & 4

The students in Grades 3 and 4 will have the opportunity to improve their eye-foot coordination throughout the soccer unit as well as their use of a large ball during the basketball program. They will play a few modified games to provide them with an opportunity to put the skills into a game context.

GRADES 5 & 6

The students in Grades 5 and 6 will participate in a soccer unit to further develop their eye-foot coordination. They will also participate in a basketball program to utilise the new outdoor basketball courts. Students will be reflecting on their performance and identifying ways to improve their skills. Students will also continue to develop their soccer and basketball knowledge and skills, putting this into a modified game situation with scoring.

Very excited to deliver this fantastic PE program!

Mr. Nathan Higgs


STEM Term 4 

The new S.T.E.M. program continues!

S.T.E.M is an approach to learning and development that integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering, and maths. This approach will allow your child to  problem solve, build, collaborate using 21st century skills, create, and explore the plethora of real world problems.

Engineering, Technology, and Applications of Science – Designs will be conveyed through sketches and drawings. These representations are useful in communicating ideas for problem solution. As there is always more than one possible solution to a problem, it is useful to compare and test designs.

Engineering Design- Use of simple sketch/ drawing to illustrate how the shapes of an object help its function to solve a given problem,  analyse data from tests of two objects’ design to solve the same problem comparing strengths and weaknesses of how each performs.

Science and Engineering Practices- Analyse and interpret data, use mathematics and computational thinking; construct explanations and design solutions

Cross cutting concepts– patterns, cause and effect, structure and function.


Yay its coding time!  We are starting the term off with some unplugged coding (coding without devices). Then, we are applying that knowledge to working with Lego Coding Express bought by PFA (Thank you!). Our Preps will get to design, create, and build with Lego.  They will learn how to use an iPad and do some exploration with Bluebots.

Grade 1 and 2

We are starting the term off with some unplugged coding (where students are not working on a computer). Students will get to explore the engineering design process and the world of technology. We will then branch into coding our Bluebots and get them going using our brand new iPads.

Grades 3 and 4

We will build and explore with Lego Essential creating pass the ball in the soccer pitch. Classes will take turns with this and alternate with Minecraft Education where they will explore different worlds. Towards the end of the term, the students will be exploring Microsoft, PowerPoint and Excel as we prepare for the next grade level.

Grade 5

This term we are working on a Stop Motion Animation project. Students will get to showcase their movie to the Preps- Grade 2’s. The theme is kindness! They will be working on this project for the majority of the term and will finish off with some Minecraft Education.

Grade 6

As we wish our grade 6’s a fantastic last term here at Pascoe Vale Primary School, we will be diving into the fascinating world of technology. This term the grade 6’s will be exploring LEGO Spike Prime (thank you PFA) and creating a break-dancing robot and coding it to dance. This will be done in turns between classes. In addition, we will be working with Minecraft Education to finish off the year just right!



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