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Grade 1

What’s happening in Term 2 – 2023

Important dates:


Tuesday 25th - ANZAC Day

Wednesday 26th - Term 2 Begins


Tuesday 2nd - Parent Helper Induction Session 

Friday 12th - Mother’s Day Stall 

Friday 26th - National Sorry Day


Monday 12th - King’s Birthday

Monday 19th - Student-led conferences

Wednesday 21st - Student-led conferences

Friday 23rd - Last Day of Term 1 – 2.30pm finish


In reading we will continue to work in targeted reading groups with the teacher and build our stamina for completing independent work. We are studying a variety of big books that are shared at a whole class level with a focus on literal (information directly stated in the text) and inferential comprehension (information not directly stated in the text). We will continue to consolidate our reading strategies e.g. how to work out unknown words, does what I am reading make sense?  We will investigate vocabulary and show our understanding in written form. We are working towards correctly answering text-based questions in full sentences and adding detail.


Narrative writing will be our focus for the term. We will use picture story books as a model of how narratives are structured into an introduction, problem/complication and resolution/solution. Then students will plan and write their own narratives. Emphasis will be on using correct sentence structure, punctuation and powerful words to make our stories more interesting. Students will be working on using correct pencil grip, learning how each letter is constructed including where to start and the direction to follow. The presentation of our writing will be practised in all learning areas.



Our formal spelling program will begin with our initial focus on short and long vowel sounds (a,e,i,o,u) and the various letter patterns that can make these sounds. Students will continue to increase the spelling of ‘high frequency words’ through class work and homework. Students will explore a variety of approaches to spell accurately and understand ‘how words work’. This includes using a known word to help spell a new word, understanding common letter patterns found in words and different parts of words e.g. the letter ‘s’ on the end of the word ‘books’ indicates plural. Thank you for your support in assisting your child with their ‘home learning’ in spelling so far. They have been very enthusiastic and we have had some positive results.



This term we will begin with our focus on statistics and probability. Students will develop their understanding and identify outcomes of familiar events involving chance and describe them using everyday language such as ‘will happen’ or ‘might happen’ or ‘won’t happen’. In measurement and geometry, students will recognise and classify familiar two-dimensional shapes, as well as learning and identifying three-dimensional shapes based on their features and relating them to real-life objects e.g. a can of drink is a cylinder. Furthermore, in number and algebra students will count collections to 100 and beyond by partitioning numbers using place value.


SEL (Social and Emotional Learning)

This term students will be participating in The Resilience Project. This program continues to build on our wellbeing and school values. The program will be inspiring students to focus on Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness (G.E.M) through engaging stories and practical activities. We will be developing our positive coping and problem-solving strategies. We will look at resilience and a positive growth mindset which will include getting along, respecting others and understanding emotional literacy e.g. how to bounce back after a disappointment.



This term our Inquiry unit is called ‘Technology – Then and Now.” During the term, students will learn about how technology has changed over time, from what it looks like to how it works. Each week we will be focusing on a different form of technology, such as gaming, televisions, music players, computers and cameras. Students will be able to explore how over time, the size, functions and use of technology has transformed.


Digital Technologies

Our digital technologies lessons will have a dual focus: cyber safety and basic navigation of an iPad. Through ‘Hector’s World’ our cyber safety lessons will cover the following topics: Your personal safety online, Computer safety & Cyberbullying. iPad skills we will focus on will be: power on/off, volume control, safely using our headphones, opening & switching between apps, accessing apps via QR codes, charging, using the camera/video to record work and posting individual work.



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