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Grade 1

What’s happening in Term 4 – 2022


This term we will use non fiction texts to continue to practise using our reading strategies, independently self-correcting errors and comprehending what we read. Students will be learning about features of non fiction texts, sorting facts from fiction and finding the main idea ~ what is important information and why? The key focus will be to guide students as they read, talk and think their way through a text. Please continue to read with, read to and listen to your child read aloud every night as this habit is critical to support the development of good readers.


In writing, we will be learning about information reports. Students will learn how to write an information report using the correct structure. Students will be challenged to paraphrase facts about a topic in their own words without providing a personal opinion. They will also explore some poetry writing as well as transactional (letter) writing.

Our focus will continue to be using correct sentence structure, punctuation and powerful words to make our writing more interesting. Handwriting and presentation of writing will also continue to be practised in all areas of our work.


Spelling will recommence in week one. Spelling words will go home each week and be tested the following week. Through this program we will also explore compound words, homophones, letter patterns and synonyms & antonyms. Students will continue to increase their spelling of ‘high frequency words’ through class work and we encourage further practise of this at home. It is highly beneficial for writing development if these 100+ words can be written automatically before they enter grade 2.


In maths, we will continue to explore place value. We will be learning about multiplication and division. Students will also be learning and identifying three-dimensional shapes based on their features and relating them to real-life objects e.g. a can of drink is a cylinder. We will also learn about length and how to order and compare objects. Furthermore, students will be revisiting different mathematical concepts of addition, subtraction and problem-solving we have learnt throughout the year.


This term our Inquiry unit is about Australia. Our question is ‘what makes Australia special?’ We will explore Australia on a local and global scale. Students will discover special places in Australia, identify Australian states and territories, identify surrounding oceans and Australia’s location in the world. Students will express their ideas in a variety of ways.  At the end of the unit, there will be an opportunity for a ‘show & tell’ presentation where students can share a special place/memory they have about Australia.

SEL (Social and Emotional Learning)

This term students will reflect on their identity and strengths. They will develop an appreciation of differences and recognise the diversity of families within the community.  Throughout the term students will continue to explore team-building skills such as problem-solving, listening, leadership, and creative thinking.

Digital Technologies

This term we will continue to explore what our ‘bots’ can do, both manually controlled and through the app on the iPads. Students have thoroughly enjoyed working collaboratively with others to take turns with coding roles: Driver, Navigator, Designer, Debugger.


As always, iPads will be used across the curriculum and students will access various applications to support & enrich their learning and to research and present work. Unfortunately, the eSmart Digital Licence (a program we historically completed in term 4) is no longer available to children under 10 years old. We will continue to explore online safety through lessons from the eSafety Commissioner.



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