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Grade 1/2

What’s happening in Term 1 – 2024


In reading, we will be setting our reading routines and expectations. We will be using the see, think, wonder strategy to make predictions. Children will also be learning about the visualising strategy and will be encouraged to read, draw, and describe using text-specific vocabulary.

Later in the term, students will also be learning about literal understanding and will practise answering questions in full sentences.

We encourage our students to read every night for 15 minutes and sign their daily reading log.


In writing, we will be learning about the descriptive writing genre.

Students will be writing simple and compound sentences using adjectives and correct punctuation. They will also develop their own short descriptive paragraph by using the Writer’s Process to draft, revise, edit and publish their work. Towards the end of the term, students will be writing some simple poems and studying different poetry forms.


In maths, we will be learning about skip counting and place value. Students will practise their skip counting skills by counting by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s and 3’s from zero and non-zero starting points.

Students will work on recognising and representing numbers up to 1000 in various ways. They will develop their ability to make, say, name, and write numbers.

We will also be using calendars to identify key dates and determine the number of days in each month. Students will reinforce their understanding of the months of the year and their attributed seasons.


In term one, our Inquiry unit is called ‘Me in my Community.’ Students will identify their personal strengths, likes, dislikes and how these skills might contribute to their families, school, and other communities. They will explore differences amongst individuals and groups and practise skills to create positive relationships in different contexts.


In Social, Emotional Learning, we will be using the Start Up Program to establish class routines and expectations. We will continuously incorporate our school values of Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, and Inclusion into our lessons. Following, we will begin exploring the Resilience Project and we will look at aspects of the CASEA program.


Later in the term students will start homework.

They will begin home reading and will be encouraged to read each night and fill in their reading logbook.

Students will also have spelling words to practise using the activity grid provided.

To support their number and place value understanding we ask that students practise their maths skills by playing games taught in class.


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