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Lunch Orders

General Information


Lunch is eaten every day at 12.20pm in the classroom. Please ensure that your child’s name is on their lunch box and that play lunch and lunch are packed separately for easy access (for the younger grades). Remember NO BOTTLES OR LOLLIPOPS OR SOFT DRINKS ALLOWED. We have a no food sharing policy for health and safety reasons. We encourage healthy eating and children have access to water at all time. If children bring a lolly bag to have for birthdays etc we will ask that the children take and eat these lollies at home.

Lunch Orders

PVPS are trialling a new lunch order service called ‘Classroom Cuisine’. The service operates Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. All ordering, inquires and payments are completed online. Please click this link for information and to register. https://classroomcuisine.com.au/
You will need to know your child’s classroom identification. E.g; Miss Kennon’s class is 0.K If you are not sure of your child’s class name, you can look on Dojo to check.

The menu is also attached below.

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