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What’s Happening in Foundation in Term 1 2024


Foundation students will not attend school on the following dates due to testing unless they have testing on this day. They will commence attending Wednesdays from 13th March.

Tuesday 30th January, 2024

Wednesday 31st February, 2024

Wednesday 7th February, 2024

Wednesday 14th February, 2024

Wednesday 21st February, 2024

Wednesday 28th February, 2024

Wednesday 6th March, 2024

In Reading students will be:

  • involved in ‘shared book’ experiences designed to build their confidence as readers.
  • learning about the various features of a book.
  • using illustrations and titles to predict meaning.
  • starting to identify high frequency words.
  • understanding the difference between letters, words and sentences.

In Writing students will be:

  • encouraged to copy from teacher modelled writing.
  • encouraged to trace over words and make their own attempts at letters and words, focusing on correct starting and ending points of letters.
  • learning correct letter formation, posture and pencil grip.
  • focussing on letter sound relationships.
  • learning about the difference between lower and upper case letters.

In Mathematics students will be:

  • establishing an understanding of the language and processes of counting.
  • Naming numbers in sequences.
  • connecting number names, numerals and quantities.
  • understanding and exploring patterns.


Our Inquiry unit is centred around the question ‘What makes a good learner?’ Students will develop a growth mindset and learn about ‘the magic of mistakes’ and ‘the power of yet.’ They will also develop their understanding of positive self-talk and how to apply this in their everyday life.


During Social and Emotional Learning, students are given the opportunity to get to know each other through class discussions and games. They will be able to share information about themselves with their peers. Students will learn the routines and expectations of daily school life as well as developing their understanding of our school values.

Suggestions to help at home:

  • read at home each night, books from both school and the library.
  • practise automatically reading ‘coloured sight word lists’ that will be sent home.
  • discuss and read numbers and words and encourage them to count out loud whenever the opportunity arises, focusing on touching or moving away each object as it is counted.
  • provide opportunities for drawing and writing and craft (cutting and pasting) in play situations.
  • encourage your child to pack and carry their own school bag.
  • practise writing your child’s name on the name tag with correct starting and ending points provided in blue reader bag.

Foundation Team J

Jodie Kennon, Jennie Chilver, Munuse Osman, Ella Johnson

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