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What’s Happening in Foundation in Term 4

In Reading students will be:

  • focusing on comprehension strategies: retelling, making connections, predicting, visualising and questioning during our mini lessons.
  • learning to ask and answer different types of questions while reading including both literal (right there) and inferential (think and search).
  • consolidating our reading decoding strategies e.g. does it sound right, look right and make sense?
  • investigating common spelling patterns within the books that we read.

In Writing students will be:

  • developing their understanding of narrative features to write their own simple narratives.
  • using knowledge of sound letter relationships to hear and record sounds in unknown words.
  • adding descriptive detail into their writing and widening their vocabulary through word work.
  • continuing to practise their handwriting skills by writing on dotted thirds.
  • recognising and experimenting with new types of punctuation such as commas, question marks, explanation marks and talking marks.

In Mathematics students will be:

  • investigating part-part-whole through addition and subtraction (parts to make up one number).
  • exploring chance and probability using the language will happen, might happen and won’t happen.
  • exploring simple division using groups and arrays.
  • using play money to represent simple, everyday financial situations.
  • learning about capacity through investigations of what holds more or less.


Our unit is called ‘Our Changing World- Weather’. Students will be investigating the changes in the world around us by asking questions such as ‘How do the seasons impact our lives?’ and ‘How do changing weather patterns impact living things?’ We will be collaborating, self regulating and using the iPads app Epic to research our wonderings.


We will be using the Respectful Relationships program to focus on gender identity and develop an awareness of positive and negative gender norms.






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