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What’s Happening in Foundation in Term 2 2023

Important Dates:

Community Walk – Friday 10th May

Last Day of Term 2 – Friday 23rd June


In Reading students will be:

– involved in ‘shared book’ experiences designed to build their confidence as readers

– participating in guided reading groups with the teacher focusing on different reading skills

– involved in learning opportunities to retell stories by identifying the characters, setting, problem and solution

-continuing to use reading strategies including, looking at the picture and making the first sound with their mouth and checking what they are reading makes sense

– continuing to identify and read high frequency words in books they read

In Writing students will be:

– encouraged to have a go at recording the sounds they hear in words

– encouraged to write sentences using finger spaces, capital letters and full stops

– continuing practising and learning correct letter formation, posture and pencil grip

– learning about the difference between lower and upper case letters

– participating in fine motor tasks such as cutting and pasting

In Mathematics students will be:

– connecting number names, numerals and quantities

– able to explain what more and less means using numbers and materials

– able to identify number combinations of numbers up to 10

– making quantities up to 20

– practising to automatically name how many in the collection of dots without counting (subitising)

– using direct and indirect comparisons to measure the length of objects

– answering yes/no questions to collect information and organising them into simple displays

In Inquiry students will be:

– able to explain what a community is and what is in our local community

– discussing how we can improve our school community

– planning and collaborating how we can change our school community

In Social Emotional Learning (SEL) students will be:

-using the The Resilience Project to focus on emotional literacy, gratitude, empathy and mindfulness.

Suggestions to help at home:

– read at home each night, books from both school and the library

– practise automatically reading ‘Coloured Sight Word lists’ that will be sent home

– discuss and read numbers and words, and encourage them to count out loud whenever the opportunity arises, focusing on touching or moving away each object as it is counted

– provide opportunities for drawing and writing in play situations


Foundation Team 

Jenny James, Amanda Larizza, Munuse Osman.






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