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Student Leaders

Student leadership is promoted through the appointment of our 2024 leaders:

School Captains: Vinaaya D and Daniel K

Vice Captains: Havy O and Lachlan K

Sports Leader: Violet D

Community Leader: Zoe D

Arts Leader: Juno C

Sustainability Leader: Ellery E

School Captains and the student leaders together with elected student school representatives (Junior School Council) meet on a fortnightly basis with the principal to discuss happenings around the school and provide student voice for all. The school leaders assist with the running of assemblies on a fortnightly basis. They also organise a variety of events to occur each term including:

  • Zooper Doopers
  • Clean Up Australia Day
  • Harmony Day / National day of Action against Bullying and Violence
  • Free Dress Days
  • Art Projects
  • Sporting Tournaments


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