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General Information for Parents/Carers


Our school uses online tools to effectively collect and manage information about your child for teaching and learning purposes, parent communication and engagement, student administration and school management purposes. When our school uses these online tools, we take steps to ensure that your child’s information is secure. For more information about collection and privacy of information please read the Privacy Collection Statement on the policies page on the website.

PVPS uses Compass for all parent communications. Parents receive log in details for the portal to enable access to their child’s information including events, attendance, learning tasks, reports and more.  All events need to be consented and paid for via the Compass portal. All attendance notes and approvals also need to be entered/updated on Compass. Please click on the ‘Compass Parent Guide’  link for more information or ask at the office if you need assistance.  COMPASS Parent Guide

The school also uses the Class Dojo application as an extra school communication platform to enhance connection between the school and the parents related to their child’s learning and activities. We use Class Dojo for communication and updates/reminders for families about learning activities and experiences, special event days and generally what’s happening at school. Only PVPS parents/carers are connected to this application and it is a great place to view pictures of your students and class/school activities as well as stay up to date with what’s going on. Please ask your child’s teacher if you need any assistance or read the Class Dojo information and permission note for more information.

For more information about online services used at PVPS, please read the Online Services document (also available on the policies page).

If you have any concerns about the use of these online tools, please contact us.

Emergency contact details
It is essential that emergency contact details are accurate and up to date as this information may be required in an emergency. To update information, a new form is issued each year. Please fill in the form and return it promptly to the school. If there is a change of address, telephone number or emergency contacts during the year, please advise the school immediately.

Attendance and sickness
It is an expectation that your child attend school each day. Some absences are impossible to avoid. Genuine illness, bereavement etc, are examples of acceptable reasons for a student being absent. However, every time a child is late for school or absent from school, the student’s learning progress is disrupted. Most teaching is sequential – what is taught and learned today is a foundation, which helps students to understand and master what is taught tomorrow.

Does your child know his/her own name, address and possibly their telephone number well enough to repeat it when necessary?

Practice safe traffic habits with your child. Show him/her the safest way to school and how to use the various crossings correctly. Your own example in using the traffic lights outside the school is most important to your child.

Talk to your child about staying safe in and around school. Please click the following link  https://www.safety4kids.com.au/safety-zone_stranger-danger  for more safety tips and information.

Take care that your child does not bring articles to school which may cause accidents, e.g. Glass containers, toys or articles with jagged edges or sharp points. Valuables and special toys should be kept at home as they may easily become lost or broken.

Break Times  

  • Recess: 11am-11.20am
  • Lunch 1: 12.30pm-1pm (eating time 12.20-12.30)
  • Lunch 2: 2pm-2.30pm

Lost property
Label all clothing, together with things like lunch boxes, school bags and balls. Lost property is located outside the First Aid room in the main building. If belongings are lost at school, please look in the lost property or ask at the office.

Please obey the parking restrictions around the school. Parking inspectors do patrol the area and it is important to respect the local residents and businesses in our school zone. It may be easier to park a block or two away and walk the rest of the way to school.


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