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Grade 2

What’s happening in Term 2 – 2023


In reading, we will be focusing on inferential comprehension. Students will develop their understanding that inferring is ‘something the author want us to know but doesn’t tell us in words.’ Students will read a range of texts and will be encouraged to answer inferential questions using text clues and their prior knowledge. They will continue to take part in small reading groups and in turn complete purposeful reading tasks. We encourage students to continue reading out loud for 15 minutes.


In writing, we will be learning about the narrative and procedural writing genres. Students will be exposed to identifying the introduction, problem and solution of well-known narratives. This term, they will develop their own narratives by using the Writer’s Process to plan, revise, edit and publish their work. They will be immersed in the procedural writing genre and set out their writing to follow the procedural writing structure using appropriate subheadings. For homework, students will be given 5 words based on our classroom spelling program. We also encourage students who are yet to achieve spelling the 100 most used words, to continue working on these.


In maths, we will be learning about addition and subtraction. Students will work on their automatic recall of addition and subtraction facts. They will also develop their understanding of efficient mental and written strategies including bridging to ten, doubles and near doubles to solve mathematical problems. Students will learn about data collection, displaying data and interpreting results. Throughout the term, we will continue to develop their knowledge and understanding of time. Focusing on o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past using both analogue and digital clocks.


In term two, our Inquiry unit is called ‘Toys Over Time.’ Students will explore a range of toys through investigation and research from different periods in history. They will use ICT to collect information about toys from the different time periods and present information to their peers.


In Social, Emotional Learning (SEL), the students will develop their understanding of ‘Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness’, through participating in the Resilience Project.

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