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Grade 2

What’s happening in Term 4 –  2022

Important Dates

Wednesday 19th October- Ollie Online Cyber Safety Incursion

Monday 31st October- Pupil Free Day

Tuesday 1st November- Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

Friday 18th November- Firefighter Visit

Monday 21st– Friday 25th November- Swimming Lessons

Monday 28th– Friday 2nd December- Swimming Lessons

Wednesday 7th December- School Concert

Thursday 8th December- Curriculum Day

Tuesday 20th December- Last Day for 2022 – 1:30pm finish

Transition Dates & Meet the Teacher – TBC

In reading, students will continue to find the main idea, make connections, decode new vocabulary and monitor their reading using a variety of texts. We will continue to read a range of fiction texts and answer literal and inferential questions using full sentences. We encourage students to read out loud every night to practise fluency and expression.

In writing, we will be learning about the persuasive and narrative writing genres. Students will be exposed to persuasive texts and write their own piece stating their opinion, reasons and evidence. Students will also develop their own narratives by using the Writer’s Process to draft, revise, edit and publish their work.


In maths, we will be learning about division, fractions, measurement and money. During our division unit, Students will work on recognising and representing division as equal groups, arrays and using their fact families to help solve worded problems. In our fraction unit, students will recognize and make halves, quarters, and eighths of shapes. Later this term we will use materials to explore different units of measurement. Students will also practise counting collection of coins and notes to find the total value.


In term four, our Inquiry unit is called ‘Earth’s Water’. Students will investigate water as earth’s resource. Additionally, students will explore their own water consumption and ways to conserve water in their daily lives.


In Social and Emotional Learning, we will continue using the Respectful Relationships Program. Students will explore gender relations to show inclusiveness in a variety of situations.

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