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Grade 2

What’s happening in Term 3 –  2022

In grade 2, it is vital that students comprehend increasingly complex fiction and non-fiction texts. This term we continue to encourage students to read out loud every night to practise fluency and expression. In reading at school, we will focus on strengthening comprehension strategies such as summarising and answering literal and inferential questions. Students will be exposed to and expected to understand the meaning of many new words from reading both fiction and non-fiction texts.

In writing, we will be learning about the information report and transactional writing genres.Students will learn how to write an information report using the correct structure and how to read and paraphrase factual information in their own words. They will also explore transactional/letter writing through many different texts by writing letters to friends and text characters.


In maths, we will be learning about subtraction, multiplication, division, shape and location. Students will continue practising their automatic recall of subtraction facts. They will work on recognising and representing multiplication as repeated addition, groups of and arrays. Furthermore, they will be exposed to solving worded problems using multiplicative thinking. Students will identify, draw and describe the features of two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects. Later in the term we will interpret maps and identify flips, turns and slides of objects.


In Term 3, our Inquiry unit is called ‘Take a walk in our multicultural community’. Students will be working together in collaborative groups where they will take responsibility to share their ideas and information. They will explore ways to present their knowledge and understandings through writing, drawing and the use of technology. They will broaden their general knowledge about different cultures and develop an appreciation of the concepts of diversity, inclusion and acceptance. Students will explore their own family history, culture and traditions, as well as the history of our First Nations Peoples.


In Social and Emotional Learning, we will continue using the Respectful Relationships program to focus on Positive Friendships and Teamwork. Students will be involved in learning opportunities to explore ways to make and maintain friendships using acceptance, respect, kindness, support and problem-solving strategies.

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