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Grade 4

What’s happening in Term 3, 2022

Writing Term 3

This term students are learning to write information reports. They will learn to understand and sort factual information to include in their writing. Students will have opportunities to paraphrase facts and details in their own words. They will compose their information reports using subheadings, topic sentences, related facts, technical language and graphic information. All students will have the opportunity to publish their writing this term and will have the opportunity to share their learning in a gallery walk. Students will continue to improve their revising and editing skills.

Reading Term 3

In term three, students will develop strategies used to work out the meaning of new words in context. They will learn to expand their vocabulary by engaging with a range of activities that support them in understanding and remembering these new words. Later in the term, students will use headings, subheadings, topic sentences, key words and relevant supporting details to identify the main idea of nonfiction texts. In their guided reading groups, they will begin to summarise short texts by building on their understanding of the main idea.

Maths Term 3

This term students are learning to solve multiplication and division problems. They will work towards developing an automatic recall of times tables and number facts. Students will learn about the relationship between multiplication and division and use that knowledge when solving worded problems. They will have the opportunity to work independently, collaboratively and in small group instruction.

In applied, students will explore the properties of 2D shapes and 3D objects. They will learn about cross sections, nets, rotations, reflections and translation. Students will explore 2D shapes and 3D objects with concrete materials, pictorial representations and digital technologies. They will also identify, compare and describe angles in practical situations and will investigate the similarities between a range of angles in different locations.

Inquiry Term 3

This term students are learning about the history of First Nations peoples, who have lived in Australia for tens of thousands of years. They will inquire about how Wurundjeri people lived on the land in the past and investigate elements of their culture, language, values and customs. Students will then explore how the Wurundjeri people maintain deep connections to Country in the present. To consolidate their learning over the term, students will investigate how colonisation has impacted First Nations peoples and design action plans detailing what we can do as Australians to respect the oldest continuous living culture.


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