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Our Commitment

The school is committed to the implementation of the Early Years and Middle Years of Schooling which works in conjunction with a Reading Recovery Program. The school also has an ESL program and has intervention and extension programs for students with special needs.
The school is organised into three teaching departments, each with a coordinator responsible for team planning, curriculum content and evaluation, skills to be learned by students, and assessment.
The school has three buildings within spacious, attractive grounds, providing an excellent environment for teaching and learning. Buildings consist of a two-storey air conditioned red brick construction and an air-conditioned timber block. Facilities within these buildings include an administrative centre, twelve generalist classrooms, and rooms for staff, resources, general purpose, parents and friends, library, Italian, visual/performing arts and an Before and After School Care program.
Extension programs for students working below or above expected AusVELS benchmarks.
Our Annual Implementation Plans provides details about the School’s vision and Strategic Plan.


Respect     Cooperation      Honesty      Inclusion      Responsibility      Tolerance
           Respect                          Cooperation                         Honesty                          Inclusion                    Responsibility                         Tolerance