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Parents and Friends Association 2018


It is our pleasure to take on the PFA Fundraising & Events for Pascoe Vale Primary in 2018. The committee is made up of volunteers from the school community and we are heavily reliant on the goodwill and dedication of our volunteers.

Our goal is to fundraise (with your help!) and support our school with positive outcomes, as well as to bring the community together socially. The PFA is excited to pull together and continue to create a strong community vibe here at Pascoe Vale Primary School. We look forward to working with the school community as we strive to make our school the best it can be.

This year we are introducing a new structure to the PFA to better serve the growing school community. Along with our three new office bearers – Luisa Abbatangelo as president, Meg D’Ortenzio as vice-president, and Renata Dabal as secretary – we also have a number of class reps who have kindly volunteered their time.  The class reps will primarily act as a link between the PFA and the parents/caregivers and teachers of their child’s class. They will support the PFA office bearers by helping to organise social and fundraising events and by bringing feedback and ideas for future social and fundraising events to the PFA.

Please feel free to join us at our meetings or sign up to the PFA email list to receive meeting minutes if you can’t come to meetings; we welcome all who are interested in making a contribution of any kind to help our school grow and thrive. Look out for meeting announcements on Compass.

If you wish to touch base with the PFA committee we welcome you to email us at pvps.pfa@hotmail.com


About Luisa Abbatangelo:

Hello! I’m a mama of three beautiful boys (family of 5). I enjoy living in Pascoe Vale and since two of my boys Charlie and Thomas have attended school we have felt closer to the community! I work for Survivors of Torture at Foundation House. This and family life have reinforced the drive to offer my time and energy to the school – so I look forward to our fundraising and social events with all of you. 

About Meg D’Ortenzio:

Hi there! So if you don’t know me, I have three children: my two daughters, Mairead and Olivia, are currently at Pascoe Vale Primary in grade four and grade one, and my son Ronan will start in 2020. I love the community feel of PVPS and am so impressed by the way the school is run. I’m really looking forward to contributing my part to the PFA and to meeting even more of the PVPS community.

 About Renata Dabal: 

Hi! I’m a mum of two high energy boys, Cuan and Olek. Cuan is in grade 2 and Olek started prep this year at Pascoe Vale Primary and they both love coming to our school. In previous years I’ve enjoyed participating in the PFA events and meeting other members of the PVPS community. I look forward to helping our PFA members continue to achieve more fantastic things for our school community this year.