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This webpage will be updated with representatives and new dates in March 2018 after the AGM.

School Council 2017

All school councils in Victoria operate under the Education and Training Reforms Act 2006. Each school council consists of Parent members, Department employee members and an option of Community Members. At Pascoe Vale Primary School we have eight parent members, four departmental members (including the principal) and three community members.

School Council representatives, 2017

School Council President: Nella Caruana
Vice President: Paul Wise
Treasurer: Darren Ward
Minute Secretary: Cassie Hycenko
Members: Susan Smith, Anne Naughton, Nora O’Reilly, Carla Maddern, Happy Dilara, Shuhsien Tsou, Bree Mills, Kiymet Kaman, Kevan Myers, Melissa Brown

In 2017 some of the key functions will be to contribute to the strategic planning process and school review.

School Council meets several times a term on a Wednesday evening from 7pm – 9pm. The next scheduled meetings are on:

Wednesday 15th February 2017

Wednesday 15th March 2017

Wednesday 17th May 2017

Wednesday 21st June 2017

Wednesday 16th August 2017

Wednesday 13th September 2017

Wednesday 25th October 2017

Wednesday 22nd November 2017

Wednesday 21st February 2018


Sub Committees

School Council members convene our sub committees, which are held each month, usually a few days before the school council meeting. Members of the school community are more than welcome to join our sub committees and play an active role in the direction of the school.

Sub Committees include:

Finance Committee: Darren Ward(Convenor)
SEEL Committee: Cassie Hycenko (Convenor) (Social, Emotional & Educational Learning)
PFA Committee: Carla Maddern (Convenor & PFA President)
Sustainability, Buildings & Grounds Committee: Paul Wise (Convenor)
Curriculum Committee: Anne Naughton (Convenor)
OSHC Committee: Concetta Sergi (Convenor)