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From the Principal – Susan Smith
In 2016 Pascoe Vale Primary school will be celebrating its 125 year anniversary in providing quality education to the Pascoe Vale community. The school is rich in history and will be holding a school Fete on Saturday 12th November 2016, so save that date!
At Pascoe Vale Primary School we realise that starting school is an important event in the lives of children and their families. We have high expectations about your child learning to read, write and count. We know we share these expectations with parents and other family members. These aims are best achieved when home and school share their individual goals for the children and work together to achieve them. The development of this partnership is important for children to learn and to be happy at school.
At Pascoe Vale Primary School, our vision is to provide quality, stimulating programs in a safe and supportive environment. Students are encouraged to become problem solvers, reflective thinkers and flexible individuals. Our programs aim to develop behaviour that encourages a healthy lifestyle, life long learning and responsible citizenship.
Susan Smith, Principal

About US

Pascoe Vale Primary School, established in 1891, has a proud tradition of education in the City of Moreland. The School is located in an established residential area, approximately 10-11 kilometres north of Melbourne CBD, servicing a community which reflects the diversity of modern Australian society.
Our enrolments are steady at 460 students. There are 39 languages spoken and these include:-Turkish, Tagalog, Ilokano, Indonesian, Italian, Maltese, Arabic, French, Greek, Serbian, Tamil, Urdu, Malay, Hebrew, Thai, Russina, Spanish, Manderin, Japanese, Bosian, Vietnamese, Filipino, South East Asian, Malayalam, Dhivehi, Moroccan, Gujarati, Macedonian, Persian, Dutch, English and Chinese.