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Student leadership is promoted through the appointment of:

2017 School Captains: Molly G & Stelios K
2017 Vice Captains: Saskia T & Remi R

2017 Sports Captains: Dinithi D & Jackson L
2017 Art Captains: Deyja A & Max C
2017 Community Captains: Mariana O & Mahan T
2017 Sustainability Captains: Ava M & Jack I


An elected Student Representative Council: Sam W, Mojo P, Viktoria C, Mia C, Lily-Bella H, Ollie S, Kayla C, Reyhan V, John G, Ben C

School Captains and elected student school representative (Junior School Council) meet on a fortnightly basis with the principal to discuss happenings around the school and provides student voice for all. The school leaders have organised a variety of events to occur each term, some of these events include:

  • Icy Poles
  • Clean Up Australia Day
  • Free Dress Day
  • Art Competions
  • Sporting Tournaments
  • Ride to school day
  • Fundraising for our World Vision Child
  • Crazy Hair day
  • Hanging Garden

Money raised this year will go towards two Buddy Benches  and our World Vision sponsor child.