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School Leaders 2019

Student leadership is promoted through the appointment of:

2019 School Captains: Electra K and Sebi S
2019 Vice Captains: Luis B and Rachael C

2019 Sports Captain: Lily-Bella H
2019 Arts Captain: Khalia C
2019 Community Captain: Isabel W
2019 Sustainability Captain: Stephanie S

Student Representative Council: Hugen H, Owen S, lauren W, Edward C, Isabella G, Ahana D, Daniel B, Vidu P, Noah I, Juanita M, Viktoria C, Leah H

School Captains and elected student school representatives (Junior School Council) meet on a fortnightly basis with the principal to discuss happenings around the school and provide student voice for all. The school leaders have organised a variety of events to occur each term including:

  • Zooper Doopers
  • Clean Up Australia Day
  • Harmony Day / No Bullying Day
  • Free Dress Days
  • Art Projects
  • Dance club
  • Sporting Tournaments


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