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Grade 5/6

What’s happening in Term 2, 2022

ReadingThis term we will be focusing on making meaningful connections and making inferences. Students will continue to participate in reciprocal teaching throughout teacher focus groups, delving deeper into their analysis of non-fiction texts. For homework, students are expected to read for thirty minutes each school night, and record a summary of their reading in their student diary. This allows students to independently and regularly apply their learning, and assists students to gain a deeper understanding when reading.WritingThroughout Term 2,  the 5/6 cohort will be exploring persuasive texts, formal and informal letter writing and writing from historical perspectives. Students will be challenged to write using persuasive devices and are continuing to focus on precise vocabulary selection, and carefully revising and editing their work.Within spelling and word work, students are learning about commas, apostrophes and affixes. All students are participating in our spelling program, where personalised word lists and strategies have been identified and a selection are sent home with appropriate activities to be completed each week.MathematicsThroughout Term 2, we will be working through two units; a critical thinking based non-routine unit, followed by a focus on addition and subtraction. Students will explore problem solving, and solving multi-step real world mathematics problems within our non-routine unit, applying their strategies across number, measurement and geometry and probability and statistics. In addition and subtraction, students will be working to use the split, jump and compensation strategies before working with the vertical algorithm.InquiryThis term the 5/6 Inquiry unit, “Australia as a Nation”, provides students with the opportunity to learn about the history of convicts, colonies, Indigenous Australians and significant events which led to Federation. The classes will collaborate to identify lines of inquiry, and will then research areas of their own interest from that time in history; including the impact of specific historical events such as the Eureka Stockade, and the experiences of people within Australia at the time.Social, Emotional Learning (SEL)In SEL this term, students are continuing to display a growth mindset when problem-solving, learning positive tools to cope with stress management and are actively empowering themselves to learn who and how to ask for help. Students will be working to identify positive strategies for addressing tricky situations, acknowledging the social and emotional impact their actions can have on themselves and others.


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