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Grade 1

What’s happening Term 4 

Grade 1 Important dates:

Monday 1st November – Curriculum Day

Tuesday 2nd November – Melbourne Cup Day

Friday 5th November – All Grade levels return to school full time

TBA – Italian Day

Friday 10th December – Reports home to families

TBA – Christmas Concert

Thursday 16th December – Meet the Teacher day

Friday 17th December – Last day of term 4


This term we will be continuing to focus on using our reading strategies, independently self-correcting errors and comprehending what we read. Students will be learning about finding the main idea ~ what is important information and why? and inferential comprehension ~ information not directly stated in the text. The key focus will be to guide students as they read, talk and think their way through a text.


To begin the term, we will be revisiting descriptive writing. Students will use adjectives and their five senses to add description and detail to their writing. We will also work more on developing our narrative writing. We will revise the features we have learnt, then move on to enhance students’ understanding of developing the plot through a series of events. Lastly, we will look at persuasive texts. Students will learn what a persuasive text is and why we write them. They will work on writing persuasive sentences and use evidence to support their opinion. Our focus will continue to be on using correct sentence structure, punctuation and powerful words to make our writing more interesting. Handwriting and presentation of writing will also continue to be practised in all areas of our work.

Our weekly handwriting lessons will continue to have a vocabulary focus and be based on the i and u family of letters (i, t, l, j and u, y, v, b, w). We will maintain a strong emphasis on correct starting position, letter formation, consistency of size and letter placement on dotted thirds lines.

Spelling has recommenced. Spelling words will go home on a Monday and be tested the following Monday. Through this program we will also explore compound words, homophones, contractions and synonyms & antonyms.


During term four in maths, we will be focussing on place value, length, multiplication & division. Students will also be revisiting subtraction and addition and problem solving and how different strategies and tools can help solve problems without using fingers.

Students will also be learning and identifying three dimensional shapes based on their features and relating them to real life objects, e.g. a can of drink is a cylinder.

We will be developing an understanding of measuring length, weight and capacity. We will use informal units to measure (blocks, paper clips) and students will make decisions about the most appropriate units to choose. They will order and compare their findings. Our last area of study will be location. Students will work on giving and following directions to familiar locations.


This term our Inquiry unit is about Australia. We will start by exploring the questions that students brainstormed at the end of term 3 in preparation for our unit. This will assist us on identifying what they already know and what they still want to learn. We will investigate the Great Southern Land, First Australians and Traditional Custodians of the Land, flags, States and Territories, Fauna and Flora. Students will express their ideas through writing and sharing their thinking in a variety of class and individual work.


In SEL, we will be using our school values and the Respectful Relationships program for our topic: Relationships and Diversity. There will be a focus on gender and identity, and positive gender relations. We will also learn to acknowledge, respect and accept the diverse relationships in our community.

Digital Technologies

As always, iPads will be used across the curriculum and students will access various applications to support & enrich our learning and to research and present work. Scratch Jnr will continue to be used as we explore more sophisticated elements of coding. Students will work towards earning their eSmart Digital Licence- a resource created by the Alannah & Madeline Foundation.

Free Time Friday

Our hour of free play & connection will continue this term with some minor changes to be COVID safe. Presently students are unable to share school toys and are therefore encouraged to bring their own from home to use.






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