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Numeracy in action

At Pascoe Vale Primary School numeracy continues to be an area of the curriculum that we can continue to improve and adapt. Our school aims to ensure that all of our students are prepared for the demands of the 21st century and we wish to ensure that the way children learn numeracy and are taught numeracy continues to develop.

Our teachers are fully aware of the importance of developing the problem solving skills of our students and enhance their mathematical vocabulary. Recent changes to the curriculum have highlighted for us the importance of ensuring that our students have a good understanding of their basic number skills, patterns and shapes as well as developing confidence with financial literacy.

Our Getting Ready in Numeracy Program (GRIN) is provided for a small group of students who wish to develop further confidence with Numeracy and allow students to tune in to upcoming lessons. The session runs once a week for a total of 20 minutes and gives the students the essential tools to be confident in the classroom.

This year teaching staff have been receiving further training in ways to effectively teach Numeracy. Through meeting with other schools within the Moreland region, our school has reviewed areas in which students need further development. The “More than Numbers” program is aimed to enhance the teaching capacity of our staff therefore allowing teachers to gain more confidence in providing mathematical activities for a variety of students. Throughout the year, all schools will be meeting and participating in professional development and collegiate visits to review and monitor student learning throughout the Moreland network.

This year through our partnership with Strathmore Secondary College, staff have been receiving training in delivering effective mathematics using the inquiry model. The purpose of these sessions is to allow students the opportunities to enhance their problem solving skills, become active learners and promote a sense of curiosity and ownership of their learning.

Teachers at Pascoe Vale Primary School use ongoing assessment tools to monitor individual learning needs and are confident in developing mathematical learning tasks which suit the needs of all students.

We also recognise the important role parents play in the development of numeracy skills in their children. Consistent application of numeracy within the family house assists children with their skills in the classroom.

Attached is our classroom Lesson Structure for Numeracy While reviewing the lesson structure it is important to note that this structure for maths instruction in applicable from grade prep to six. If you wish to discuss our numeracy program, or you are seeking advice to what you can do at home, then we are happy to discuss it with you.

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